Zeal For Life Testimonials

Zeal for life Testimonials

Getting healthy and eating whole food vitamins can change your life!

Zeal for Life users will readily tell you about their life altering experiences since being introduced to this great product.  Whether it’s all of the following results that one personally experienced such as increased energy, mental clarity, decreased joint pain, healthier and stronger hair and nails, more restful sleep, reduced food cravings and significant weight loss, one thing is for sure and that is the Zeal for Life is no ordinary nutritional supplement.

Arthritis Testimony

“A friend of mine sent me an email today to let me know she had an awesome testimony about her dad. Back in May she purchased a tub of Zeal from me to give to her dad to see if it would help his arthritis in his hands. You see he is in a band and loves to play the drums and his arthritis was causing problems for him. She continued to buy this for him for a few months until he signed up as a customer. Recently he decided that he would get off Zeal for two weeks and see what happened. Long story short, the last time he played his hands hurt so bad the next day that he said he would not be without zeal again.

Zeal contains natural anti-inflammatories that have been a huge benefit to this gentlemen. The other benefit of Zeal for him is that he now has more energy and is always on the go.”

Knee Testimony

“I sat on my knees for over 30 minutes last night in the floor sorting through some paperwork. Normally I would have had a hard time getting up. Since I have been taking Zeal, this is no longer an issue. My knees work great when I get back up.”

Neurological Testimony

“I was in a coma almost a year and a half ago. ON life support. Specialists (neuro, and pulmonary) were unable to tell me what caused the acute respiratory attack — other than it could be be “environmental”. Fortunately. I didn’t “lose” anything mentally, and I have recovered physically. Initially, coming out of the coma, I was incredibly weak. Raising an arm was a monumental task. I fell numerous times when I began to walk again.

I also have strong will, mind and determination. THE only thing that has been bothering me, is a “nerve” condition in my hands. The constant tingling, and the hypersensitivity to pain has been very frustrating. The simple task of opening a bottle of water with a ridged cap, felt like skin was being ripped from my fingers. Given what I’d been through, I was ready to just “live with it”, the rest of my life. I was happy to be alive! I’m not joking or exaggerating, about the 6th day of drinking my morning glass of water with Zeal Wellness Wild Berry, I noted that my tingling problem was far, far less pronounced. So much so, that it made me cry with gratitude. The benefits I’ve experienced alone are worth making Zeal a part of my daily life forever. The mental clarity is astonishing. I just “feel good”…and it feels great, to feel good! I love having “zeal” for life again!”

Cancer Testimony

“I have been battling cancer since 1994. The type of cancer I have is a very rare type of sarcoma cancer. The name of it is hemagiopericytoma. It spreads thru the blood. It started out as a tumor in my neck and spread to my lungs. There are multiple tumors in my lungs and they have been growing off and on since 2000. I have been thru chemo 3 times. In 2010, I also went thru breast cancer. I went thru chemo for that, and I am doing well as far as that goes. I have been to several different doctors and cancer facilities throughout the United States in the last several years. I went to MD Anderson in March of 2001 and was told I needed a miracle and I wouldn’t be here in 5 years…I’m still here, 11 years later! Within the last year, I have lost almost 100 lbs because of the sarcoma cancer and have felt very bad. In May, my Dr. wanted to try a new chemo pill. I found out in August, the chemo pill wasn’t working and the tumors in my lungs have grown in the last 3 months more than they had ever grown. In August, my dr. took me off of the chemo pill and recommended another chemo. I haven’t given in to do that yet because it will make me very sick and it still may not work.There have been many days that I have stayed in bed, just because I had no energy and felt so bad. About a month and a half ago, a friend, that is also a cancer patient and goes to the same Dr. that I go to, called me. He told me about Zeal and how much better he felt after drinking it. He offered to bring me some samples. I tried it and bought a canister from him. I can happily say that I have felt so much better!! I have energy! I have more good days than bad days!! I am very excited about it and want to share this with everyone! After feeling so bad for several months, and to feel so much better now is AMAZING!! I will continue to drink Zeal and will share with anyone that wants to hear what it has done for me!!”

Multiple Sclerosis Testimony

“Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006, my life has taken on many new challenges. Brain fog, extreme fatigue,weakness, depression, digestive trouble and muscle spasticity define a typical day for me. A special friend introduced me to Zeal on April 6. I try to be focused on diet, nutrients and preservatives in my diet. I have tried many new energy supplements and have found little long-term success. ZEAL Wellness is giving me a new look at life I wake easy in the morning after a great night’s sleep. I feel alert. The brain fog has not been with me in over six weeks! I want to go and do things with my family again. My depression is so much better. There is no caffeine in this product. I do not have to nap. My stomach issues are better. I take Zeal 2 times a day. Yes, I still have MS, but when you feel so much better you can attack everyday a lot stronger!”

Diabetes Testimony

“I am a 33 year old woman who has diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes after I had some terrible pain/tingling/burning pain in my feet. My blood sugars were out the roof! I was really scared and worked hard on getting my diet in check in hopes my Diabetic neuropathy in my feet would ease up. It had gotten so bad I couldn’t even wear shoes and I couldn’t even cover my feet at night with a sheet or blanket. I work in the health field and am on my feet for 8 hours a day. After a day or night at work I would come home limping…soak my feet in cool water and then spend a restless night with my terrible pain. I took Lortab for a while and it did help, but with pain pills comes all sorts of problems. And I wasn’t feeling much better. I had mostly given up on any hope and had decided it was something I was going to have to just deal and live with. When a co-worker of mine Tena Ann Yadon Johnson told me about Zeal I was a HUGE skeptic. I agreed to go to a Zeal Party at her home with Patty Carson. I drank a zeal shake? (I’m not sure what to call them) Within 20-30 minutes I thought maybe I had lost my mind. The usual burning/tingling in my feet seemed to have stopped hurting as bad.( Note I said as bad) I couldn’t believe it and ended up ordering some. Now I am THREE days into taking it on a daily basis…YES…THREE days. Would you believe my neurophathy has almost gone?? I can TOUCH my feet.. I can WALK around barefoot and it’s ONLY been THREE days. I wanted to wait at least a week to post but I am so giddy with happiness I had to post in hopes there is other people out there who suffer with the pain like I did can try this AMAZIN product. I am in shock… I was a TRUE NON BELIEVER and now I am forever thankful to Tena and Patty!!!!!! I feel like I have a new lease on life…I am amazed…and thankful…and well I would stick around to post more but I have places to go…things to do and most importantly I am RUNNING out too do them! It’s amazing! Thanks for listening to my ‘story’!”

Lupus Testimony

“I have Lupus, which is why I started Zeal. Since being on it…2 weeks now, I have little to no pain, I have ZERO fatigue, my ulcers on my gums and down my throat are gone and zero nose bleeds, which I would have on average 2 a day since October. I have not been pain free in over 2 years, I get weekly migraines, all of which are gone since being on Zeal. I sleep through the night now and I am abl to work out at the gym for over an hour, daily…something I have not been able to do in over 2 years. I will NEVER stop taking Zeal. It has changed my life 100%!!!”

“My mother in law has lupus. In March of 2011 when we gave her Zeal helped her quite a bit, to the point that she was out gardening after her first dose after 1 hour. The day before, she was asking God to take her home. She has other health issues that Zeal has helped her with. With her medications, she gained weight and while being on Zeal and those medications she was still able to lose a significant amount of weight. Her doctor told her that she was not ever going to be able to get off her prednisone which she had been taking for 20 years on a daily basis instead at flare ups. August 1 2011 she got off of her prednisone after 20 years. She is still on Zeal and as far as I know still not on the medications. She still takes it because she knows she would be doing much worse if not on it.”

Every Day Living Testimony

“I’ve been drinking Zeal for about two weeks now. I feel amazing, I’m sleeping better than ever, tons of energy throughout the day and no 4 o’clock crash.”

High Blood Pressure Testimony

“My doctor ordered me to lose weight stat, because I had high blood pressure, a deficiency in B-12 and potassium, and was not in a good place…a WEEK on ZEAL and Weight Management… I lost 10 pounds! And ALL blood work is NORMAL!!!! My doctor was VERY impressed, and said “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it!”

Weight Testimony

“Very excited this new journey I am on.. In 2 weeks I have lost 15lbs, walking 2 miles and feeling great.. Zeal for life is awesome. Thank you God for giving me strength and will power to overcome the thing that has controlled me most.. With God anything is possible! Michelle I started praying quoting scriptures. Then I had a cousin introduce me to Zeal for life by Zurvita.. I’m on the weight management program it’s working.. It’s all natural, and the weight is falling off .. I believe it is all ordained by God”

“I took the 90 Day Zeal For Life Challenge and I lost 50lbs and 8 inches in my waist. I haven’t felt this good in over 15 years! I’m an ex-varsity college football player that suffered a knee injury that hindered my ability to run and stay active over the years. My knee feels great now since taking Zeal! I don’t even need to wear a knee brace when I work out now. I love the Zeal Weight Management Program. The Protein Shakes and Zeal Burn are amazing. I’m going to challenge myself for another 90 days to get in the best shape and health possible at age 39.”